How to Apply

To apply for the Museum Studies certificate program, complete the following steps: 

  1. Current UA graduate students should meet with the Museum Studies Oversight Committee member in the department where you are enrolled (if applicable), as well as your departmental advisor, to express interest in applying for the MUSM certificate program. If you are not already enrolled in a graduate program at UA, go directly to Step No. 2.
  2. Contact the MUSM Advisor, Dr. John Friel, to discuss your interest in the program, and begin to fill out a MUSM Plan of Study Form.
  3. As you craft your study plan, verify with your departmental advisor that your elective courses will also count toward your departmental degree requirements.
  4. Obtain your departmental advisor’s signature to confirm the plan, and have your departmental advisor initial beside the courses that would count toward the departmental degree program.
  5. Return the completed Plan of Study Form to the MUSM advisor, Dr. John Friel, for his signature. Copies of this form will be sent to you and your departmental advisor.
  6. Submit an online application via The University of Alabama’s Graduate School website. For existing UA graduate students, in the Application Type field, select “Certificates – Graduate non-degree certificates for previously enrolled UA Graduate Student.” For new students wanting to apply, select “Certificates – Graduate Non-Degree Certificates” from the Application Type area, and in the planned course of study field select “Certificate in Museum Studies.”

For more information about the application process, email Dr. Brandon Thompson at brandon.s.thompson@ua.edu